September 13, 2018

Stewart Filmscreen

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stewart filmscreen 

Home Cinema Screens

At Stewart Filmscreen, they manufacture truly professional screen products which are also utilized in residential theaters.  

THX and ISF certified. 

People who know motion pictures prefer Stewart projection screens because they want to enjoy the best possible picture—accurately vibrant color, sharp contrast, and rich detail. In fact, filmmakers have long relied on Stewart screens in the making of their films. Studio screening rooms and film production houses around the globe trust Stewart screen quality to such an extent that it is the industry standard reference material for color balance, details, and textures. Filmmakers know that the secret to achieving the best possible image is to use the very best screen—an Academy Award®-winning, Stewart, projection screen.

Even the home of Oscars®, the state-of-the-art Dolby Theater in Hollywood, uses Stewart screens. Your home theater can also have a professional screen produced in the same way, by the same craftspeople, using the same screen materials as the screens used by people who really know how a film should look.

Big Screen – Big Decision – Trust Stewart Filmscreen

All screen materials below are 4K ready and available as acoustically transparent versions

• Tela 80 – New woven acoustically transparent fabric
• Firehawk G4 – Grey material for use in ambient light conditions
• StudioTek 130 G3 – white material 30% brighter than a matte white screen
• Studio Tek 100 – meets the strictest colour and white uniformity standards
• GrayHawk RS G4 – Industry’s first gray‐based reference standard material
• UltraMatte 130 – 30% brighter than matte white and available in large scale applications
• UltraMatte 150 – 50% brighter than matte white for large scale applications
• Phantom HALR ‐ A new, flexible front projection high ambient light rejection material


Due the bespoke nature of Stewart Filmscreens range, please call us for pricing 01202 484737