Dedicated Home Theatre or media room?

What is the Difference Between a Home Theatre and a Media Room?

If you are thinking of installing or upgrading your existing Home Theatre or Media Room it is important to decide which is the right option for your home and or family.

The primary difference is that a home theatre is a dedicated room for watching movies while a media room is a multifunctional room designed for music, movies, watching tv, gaming etc


Media Room – A media room allows for a more flexible use of space particularly since that space can fill multiple roles, such as a game room, kids gaming area, etc. 

A Media room is a desirable addition to many houses and is becoming increasingly in demand. Firstly you need to decide what you and or your family wants to do in this room and what is the most important watching movies, listening to music or gaming? A media room is a multi-functional room type or area where a comfortable sitting arrangement is more conducive to family and social interaction. You can choose from tradition cinema style seating or more relaxed cosy recliners or even modern loungers and chaises. Since there is not as much control over ambient light, a window shading solution may be required to prevent glare and create an optimal viewing experience. A large Sony 4K OLED television or Ultra Short Throw projector with a 5.1 or 7.2 surround sound system and well placed speakers will provide the ideal experience for watching sports or movies, playing games or just listening to music. Typically in-wall or in-ceiling speakers from companies like Speakercraft or M&K Sound are used to provide more space and can be more athestically pleasing.

Home Theatre – A home theatre is an entire room dedicated to giving you that Hollywood style movie experience.

IUsually the room is blackened using blinds or a windowless room usually with reclining theatre seats and details like fiber-optic star ceilings. It is designed and created as a unique space to allow for complete control of lighting, sound and comfort of the viewer just like bringing the movies to your home.

A Sony, JVC or Epson 4K projector, Screen Innovations or Screen Excellence projection screen and a bespoke surround sound system designed for ultimate in sound reproduction, you can choose from a vast portfolio of hi end brands such as Steinway Lyngdorf, Lyngdorf Audio, M&K Sound, Procella Audio to name a few. However, all aspects of the room, including the ceiling, paint, fixtures and carpet, are designed to assist with sound dampening and controlling the light levels. Traditional Theatre style seating is usually arranged in permanent, tiered rows that face the screen. The room can be customized to your exact requirements and provide a unique cinema experience.

Whether you choose a dedicated home theatre or media room, either choice is a great addition to any home. You need to ask, “Which room fits the needs of my family and my home better”. Our experienced staff can help guide you through the choices and answer your questions to help determine which choice is the best option for you.

If you are considering a converting an existing space or creating a new one, call Halo Audio Visual today to start designing the perfect media room or theatre for your home.