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Kaleidescape Encore

Kaleidescape Encore products provide the most convenient way for movie lovers to enjoy films in the finest available quality. The best movies, from the latest blockbusters to time-honored classics, are available for purchase and download from the Kaleidescape Movie Store in 4K Ultra HD with HDR, Blu-ray quality. Encore servers and players group together to suit the needs of any home. The beautiful onscreen display makes finding movies a pleasure, and integration with modern AV control systems makes for delightful extras — such as lights automatically dimming, and screen masking automatically adjusting — truly bringing the cinema experience home. The convenience and uncompromising quality of Encore makes it a great addition to any home

kaleidescape encore

Kaleidescape Premiere

Kaleidescape Premiere The Kaleidescape Premiere System was designed to make your ultimate home theater a reality. With a clean-sheet design and a scalable architecture for simultaneous playback of Blu-ray quality movies throughout a home of any size, the Premiere System delivers a truly incredible home theater experience.