July 17, 2018

Home Cinema Design & Installation

Bring The Cinema Home

Nothing captures the imagination more than the prospect of having your very own home cinema. The magic of the movies captivates us all – the excitment at seeing the very latest blockbuster, an all-time classic or a family favourite? From a deluxe dedicated home theatre or media room, to systems that will fit with your living space and environment. We can work to your budget to bring the big screen to your home!

Bespoke home cinema solutions


There’s so much more to a successful home cinema than just a big screen – the right equipment, sound system, lighting and above all else, good design and planning…



Our home cinema installation process begins with an initial consultation or site survey. During this time we can discuss your every requirement so we can be absolutely clear of your expectations and the services we offer. We can then create initial proposals and plans so that you can better visualize your new home cinema.


The sound is a huge part of the overall experience, properly calibrated sound means you will immediately be completely immersed in to the centre of the action.


Create atmosphere in the room with mood lighting and consider an intelligent lighting system. This can be controlled by remote integrating the lighting system with the home cinema equipment to automatically dim the lights when a film starts, returning to previous levels automatically when the film stops or is paused!  


We can provide options from a selection of high-quality home cinema seats each seating model encompasses the ultimate in design, the finest quality materials, luxurious options, numerous customizations and ultimate comfort.


Relax And Enjoy The Show!

Dynamic audio and ultra sharp image quality all elegantly installed there’s never been a better time to enjoy that ‘night at the movies’ experience in the comfort of your own home.​

We can create bespoke home cinema solutions to fit almost any type and size of room and budget. If you have any questions or need help then don’t hesitate to get in touch on (01202)484737 or email info@haloaudiovisual.co.uk

Some of the Finest Quality BRANDS WE've USEd IN OUR INSTALLATIONS